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Play Major Role in Turkey’s Fast Growing Startup

As EvrekaCrew, we are simplifying the complexity of waste management and city cleaning processes which are common problems for people from every part of the world. Join us to make the world simpler and livable via Evreka solutions.

With about 10,000 users worldwide; Evreka reaches millions of people.

4 reasons why you should join EvrekaCrew

  1. Incredible team, meet EvrekaCrew: Every person of the EvrekaCrew is an integral part of our success story
  2. Be part of something meaningful: For our planet, contribute to sustainable city life by improving Evreka technologies
  3. Always Better: There is always a little place to do it better, feel hunger to improve and be with the people pursuing the same thing
  4. Best place to work: We love what we do, we do what we love! Put some fun and weirdness and always be open to new perspectives

We care

We are aware of people, everything alive and inanimate, the work we do, the crew…We are aware of every effect we leave, every person we touch, every process we improve.

Always put people first

We love people, we trust people. We prioritize the other person, the thoughts, feelings, and expectations.We never forget that we are strong when we are together.

Communicate fearlessly to build trust

We must communicate with everyone fearlessly in EvrekaCrew.The fact that everyone can freely share their thoughts has a crucial place in creating and maintaining the atmosphere of trust.

Feel hunger to improve

Learning and developing is a continuous process. One of the most important common characteristics of every individual in EvrekaCrew is that they are open and hunger for development.

Create fun and a little weirdness

Do you know what it’s like to look at Earth with funny party glasses? We work hard. We’re having so much fun!

It is either zero or one

Work is either done or not done. Even if you’ve completed 75% of a job, you’re still not finished.

Be agile

While sometimes it’s hard to keep up, EvrekaCrew is agile and takes quick action.

Do something you are not ready to do

Sometimes, you don’t feel ready. There is no such thing as being prepared. The important thing is to take risks. Even if it ends badly, the lessons learned are precious.

Be passionate

Do what you do with passion, enjoy, and be happy. We are following that view: live like you will never die and will die immediately.

In Support Of WEPs

We are one of the signatories of the Women Empowerment Principles which is endorsed by the UNWomen and UN Global Compact.

Evreka stands for equality.

We provide equal processes for all candidates and opportunities for every Crew Member in their Evreka journey. All qualified applications are treated equally without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

Some things we’re proud of

While building this great team, EvrekaCrew, we only focus on the best persons that we can work in a harmonized way both with cultural engagement and technical qualifications. We hire the best having the motto of “Best work with the bests.”

We have 3 steps for internship positions and 4 steps for full-time positions
  1. Evaluation based on resumes that you have already uploaded while applying
  2. Evaluation based on technical question sets that we will send you
  3. Interview with Talent and relevant Team up to your position (final interview for internship)
  4. Founders Interview